Poverty and high prices

Poverty and high prices go hand in hand in Uganda.

While the average income is between 50 and 100 Euros per month, the prices for many things – including daily needs – are disproportionately high.

Some examples:

A car tyre costs the equivalent of 250.00 € ( 1 million UGX)

1 bread 1, 20 € (4800 UGX)

1 kg sugar 1.00 € (4000 UGX)

500 gr  coffee (in a coffee country!) 6,00€ (24 000 UGX)

1 Liter  milk 1.00  € (4000 UGX)

1 Liter Gasolins 1, 15  € (4600 UGX)

1 box bar soap (for prison) with 24 bars, approx. 20 €

We pay on average €50.00 per month for power, internet per person is €10.00 .

The average Ugandan lives mainly from corn porridge (posho) and beans as well as porridge for breakfast. Unfortunately, these staple foods have also risen sharply in prices since “Corona”.   Fruits and vegetables are still relatively cheap.

Baby and children’s items, such as pampers and milk powder, are also very expensive. But what is most difficult for the Ugandans is transport. Many people depend on the Boda and Public Taxis. While before the lockdown you could finance the approximately 20 km by public taxi to Kampala for the equivalent of 50 cents, you now pay at least 3,00 € per trip.

The exchange rate from Euro to Ugandashilling is currently good and quite stable. You get about 4000 UGX for 1 Euro.

The UGX is available in 1000,2000-,-10 000,-20 000 and 50 000 UGX notes. The coins are  in 100, 200, 500 and 1000 UGX.